The accommodations of Borgo del Mastro

Borgo del Mastro opens its doors to the public from spring to autumn, offering a wide range of residential and experiential courses through an extensive calendar. In addition to the courses, we also provide families, couples, and small groups the opportunity to enjoy enchanting countryside vacations.

A Window to the World

The Agrisuite "A window on the world" will welcome you in the greenery of a beautiful garden in one-of-a-kind architecture.

An apartment for two (max. 3 people) that invites us to enjoy the Beauty and put it as a compass of our move around the world.

As soon as we enter, we are immediately taken into the hug of the curved wall, which with its characteristic niches and windows creates a play of lights and gazes between the living room and the surrounding treefloors.

Designed and built with extreme care "A window to the world" in its 35 it manages to accommodate everything you need:

  • Entrance and living room with dining table and sofa that invite us to stop and enjoy the view of the garden.

  • On the left is the double bedroom, a romantic alcove overlooking the greenery, embellished with architectural details and an exposed wardrobe made of walnut wood.

  • The kitchen, an elegant kitchenette where the stone floors and copper on the walls show us the flair of their creator. A space that inspires the preparation of delicacies and the care in doing so.

  • The bathroom that with its size and perfect functionality immediately gives us the idea of being on a sailboat.

  • All around the garden with its different settings and view numbers.

Solar System

The Agrisuite "solar system" will welcome you into the greenery of a beautiful garden in a one-of-a-kind architecture.
An apartment divided into two rooms, with 4 total rooms, which can accommodate up to 9 people.

Upon entering, we are immediately attracted by the detail of the architectural scenes that gracefully they draw the environment, shaping the rooms.

The apartment is divided into two units, separate but contiguous, in the first we find:

  • a spacious and bright living area with a sofa bed;

  • a double room with a door and possibility of adding a baby cot;

  • a single room with a door overlooking the rocky garden;

  • a large stove, equipped with everything you need;

  • a bathroom with shower.

In the second unit we are welcomed by a very bright room that folds in a fan, offering two distinct areas without closures and doors:

  • a bedroom with a lovely one on the one hand bunk bed;

  • on the other a double sofa bed above which opens a door that floods the apartment with light and color;

  • in the middle a stylish bathroom equipped with all the

  • all around the garden with its different settings, and the many views.

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